Utonomy’s technology minimises gas leakage by optimising pressure on the network. The benefits of this are reduced greenhouse gas emissions, improved safety, and efficient long-term asset management.

The leakage of methane from gas distribution networks is a massive global problem with over 300 bn MWh of this potent greenhouse gas lost from networks around the world each year. This is estimated to cost consumers more than £5 bn per annum. More importantly, leakage of methane has a serious impact on the environment, releasing the equivalent of 1.7 bn tonnes per annum of CO2 into the atmosphere – more than four times the total emissions of the UK.

The Fund made its first investment into Utonomy in September 2017 for £500,000 and an additional investment in August 2018 for £735,000.

WAE Added Value

WAE Added Value

Actuator hardware development and control system development.

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