This collaboration offers investors the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of early-stage companies developing innovative and transformational technologies across a range of different sectors. The investments can be made through the Foresight Solar & Technology VCT and the Foresight WAE EIS Fund. Click here to learn more about the VCT and here to learn more about the EISRead more about the story so far here.

Investments are intended to be structured to qualify for the tax reliefs available and we seek to generate significant returns for investors that are made possible through early-stage investing.

We work with a range of organisations and advisers to identify and develop a strong pipeline of opportunities. This ensures a breadth of investments across different markets and technology areas that are aligned to the potential for WAE to add value.

Foresight is not responsible for confirming whether this Fund is suitable for any particular investor and there are risks to making an investment. Any investor who is unsure should consult a financial adviser.

Investment Strategy

Our strategy is to invest in companies where we believe WAE’s expertise and services can be harnessed to assist with the development of the businesses, towards successful exits at high value multiples.

Technology and engineering innovation at its core .

Technology and engineering innovation at its core

We invest in early-stage UK companies with strong IP (intellectual property), operating in attractive, substantive markets where WAE’s technology, engineering, commercial and promotional added-value support may offer a distinct advantage. We will also consider co-investing with other EIS funds, VCTs, family offices and/or university spin out funds, beyond the Foresight WAE Technology share class in Foresight Solar & Technology VCT. This is to provide additional investment for companies as well as spreading the risk in early-stage investment.

Investment size.

Investment size

Initial investments will typically range between £0.5 million and £3 million. Where the Fund has made an initial investment, it is expected that some of the funds raised will be used for follow-on investments.

WAE involvement.

WAE involvement

The scope of support provided by WAE will vary depending on the technology and stage of development. Typical support could include advising on engineering and R&D team’s structure and approach to assisting with the development of supply chains and collaborations.



From a governance perspective, Foresight will ensure each Investee Company has a proper board in place with non-executives and an investor director. Typically, Foresight will appoint a member of its team as investor director and where appropriate may also introduce an independent non-executive chairperson for the investee Company. These appointees will provide guidance and support to the management team and help drive the development strategy of each business. External non-executive directors may be sourced from Foresight’s extensive network of individuals across the UK.

Stage of investment.

Stage of investment

We’ll invest into businesses both pre- and post-revenue, i.e. from technologies that have achieved proof of concept up to technologies that, having proven commercial designs in test markets, are launched into their initial markets but have yet to reach full commercial deployment and scale.

Before investing, all investors should consider: .

Before investing, all investors should consider:

  1. It is almost inevitable that certain companies within the Portfolio will reduce in value, possibly to zero.
  2. The opportunities described are not suitable for all investors. Key risks are explained in the Information Memoranda/Investor Guides of the respective funds and should be carefully considered before submitting an application to invest.
  3. Your capital is at risk and you may lose all the money you invest.
  4. Investments will be made in small unquoted companies, which carry a higher risk than many other forms of investment. The Fund’s investments are likely to be illiquid and difficult to realise. The value of shares and income from them may go down as well as up, and past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and may not be repeated. Prospective investors should regard an investment in the Funds as a long term investment.
  5. Tax reliefs are dependent on the fund maintaining its qualifying status, on investors’ individual circumstances and are subject to change. If a fund loses its qualifying status, tax advantages will be withdrawn from that point.
  6. Prospective investors should seek their own independent advice and then rely on their own independent assessment of the Funds. Foresight Group LLP is unable to provide tax, financial, legal or investment advice.

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These investments are high risk and prospective investors should seek their own independent advice and then rely on their own independent assessment of the funds given that Foresight Group LLP is unable to provide tax, financial, legal or investment advice. As with all investing, capital is at risk. Please confirm that you have read and understood this.