Codeplay is a software developer and consultancy business with proven expertise in the fields of games and mobile phones. The initial focus of Codeplay’s Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) applications has been in the automotive sector, specifically for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (“ADAS”) and self-driving cars.

Codeplay’s next generation of car hardware platforms can be seen to facilitate ADAS and, in time, fully autonomous driving. In conjunction with developing these systems, Codeplay provides consultancy services to many top-tier, Fortune 500 companies who mass produce and sell hardware chips.

Foresight WAE Technology EIS Fund will support Codeplay in progressing to the next stage of their development. Building on their proven expertise in precision engineering, systems integration and optimisation, WAE is well-placed to provide support with the development of automotive safety certified products. Meanwhile, Foresight’s expertise in growing business and expanding them globally will be invaluable.

WAE Added Value

WAE Added Value

Provide support with the development of automotive safety certified products.

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