The Salford Valve Company ("Salvalco") provides aerosol valves for use with ecologically sustainable propellants, enabling safe inert gases such as simple fresh air or nitrogen to be used as a propellant in aerosols. This is significantly better for the environment and far safer than conventional propellants, most of which are hydrocarbons.

Foresight’s investment will support the development and commercialisation of Salvalco’s technology, including funding further research and development and new products. In addition, WAE is available to support the design and optimisation of future valve concepts. This combined expertise will enable Salvalco to grow to its full potential and provide a technology which will have positive effects for everyone in the aerosol supply chain as well as helping our environment.

Through this funding, Salvalco looks to capitalise on global opportunities and continue developing products which could make a major impact to benefit the global environment given the widespread use of aerosols worldwide.

WAE Added Value

WAE Added Value

Enabling a technology which will have positive effects for the aerosol supply chain as well as helping our environment.

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