Andy Bloxam, Senior Investment Manager at Foresight, joined Jonathan Moyes, of Wealth Club to discuss the Foresight Williams share class of the Foresight Solar & Technology VCT.

The fund aims to combine Foresight’s proven investment management experience with the technical expertise of Williams Advanced Engineering. During the interview, Andy outlines how the partnership brings value to early-stage, technology companies. He notes: “It’s a unique collaboration between a very experienced investment manager and a really strong brand and technical expert in Williams. It’s a strategy that seems to be fairly resilient to the sorts of challenges presented by the pandemic that we’ve seen over the last 12 months, and it’s likely to provide a positive impact to the world, which is what investors care about nowadays”.

Recently, the fund announced its investment into Refeyn and Audioscenic. Through the collaboration, the investees are exposed to advanced technology expertise and greater opportunities, allowing them to accelerate their development and scope to grow.

The interview also explores the type of companies the VCT looks to invest in, how the portfolio companies have proved resilience during the pandemic and gives further insight into the strategy the partnership executes to support SMEs in producing potentially transformational technologies.

Watch the full interview here.